"Stories take you places you might never get to see.

So open your imagination. . . come along with me."  - Beverly




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Library Summer Reading Program

Stories for Ages 2 - 102

Combining the knowledge of a teacher along with her experienced and artful storytelling ability, Beverly will aim to meet the needs of your group. Whether its education, entertainment, literacy, cultural arts enrichment or fun (or any combination thereof), contact her about your goals.

Beverly believes in the power of storytelling in literacy  and basic learning. She can tell you first hand that when a story is told learning begins!

Beverly offers traditional storytelling for people of all ages. Programs are spiced with participation, props, puppets, and singing according to the ages of the intended listeners. Each program is designed with this in mind. Many of the programs listed on this page can be adapted to family programs - feel free to inquire.


Community and Educational Storytelling Programs.

(Corresponding curriculum ideas are available for all school performances.)

*Programs especially for younger listeners - scroll down.*

What's the Story?

Leaping literacy. . . there are so many different kinds of stories! In this program listeners are intrigued and learn about the different kinds of tales. Story variety can include a folktale, fairytale, a legend, tall tale, urban legend, riddle story, jump tale, cumulative tale, fable, noodlehead, ghost story, pourquoi story or others. This interactive frolic  though stories also has emphasis on reading and finding  more of the same at the library.(Grades K - Adults)

Stories from Here to There

There are wit, wisdom, laughter and smiles in this multicultural program of stories from different countries and cultures around the world. Listeners will find out that stories have no boundaries! (Grades K - Adults)

Animal Tales & Tails

Stories, poems, and more lead the way for this adventure of discovering animals in different countries, continents and/or ecosystems!   For instance ... as  listeners chant a funny poem, a huge boa constructor (prop) not only “swallows” a teacher, principal, or person etc., it reinforces the fact that this snake swallows his prey whole. Be prepared for  belly laughs and a sea of smiles. (Grades K - 5)

Folk & Fairy Tales!

In a lively and engaging style, listeners will hear many old-time, well-known tales. These stories contain elements of magic, suspense, drama and inspiration. There are often wise lessons in these tales! (Grades K - 5, Adults)

A Season of Stories

This program includes holiday stories that celebrate the spirit of the season featuring Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza. Listeners discover the different traditions, foods, folklore and some of the things that make December such a special time of year. This program is done in a nonreligious manner (Grades K - Adults)

Spooktacular Tales - Ghost Stories!

Each program is designed with its listeners in mind. It's degree of fright, if any, depends on the age of the audience and your wishes. (Grades K - 5)

Playing with Stories!

Beverly will bring her "Storyteller's Toolkit" to help children learn . . . "What IS storytelling?". They will hear a traditional story ( spoken word only) - then move on to learn many ways to present stories. Beverly will tell a flannel board story and  after that have some of the children come up and join her in the story-drama of that same tale. A story will be told with drawing. The children help tell a puppet story. How about a fairy tale rap song, too?! Lots of participation and fun. (Grades K - 5)


**Storytelling Programs Especially for Younger Listeners.

Young children learn by playing, listening and participating. They listen to stories and internalize them. What a fun way to learn!

For her younger listeners, Beverly includes her "magic pocket" storytelling apron, props, singing, puppets and lots of participation. She also brings Pinkenello Fluff, her dancing marionette, for extra movement and dancing fun.

(Corresponding curriculum ideas are available for all preschool, child care center and early elementary school performances. Storytelling programs are adapted to correspond with the ages of it's listeners.)

Wildlife Wonders & Whimsies

Lions, and tigers and bears . . . oh yes! This program includes stories about wild animals found in different places (countries, continents and/or ecosystems) around the world - or at the ZOO. A lively program that invites children to participate in the wild and wonderful world of animals.  (Preschool, K - 1)

Stories Galore!

Stories become the teachers we touch on themes of self esteem, feelings, honesty, co-operation and more. Listeners will join right in, laugh out loud  and stop and think. (Preschool, K - Grade1)

Tales from the Pet Shop

Tales about animals you can find at a pet store. Children easily relate to these animals because of contact with them in their daily lives. Doggies, kitties, fishies, turtles & more! Be prepared for lots of giggles, smiles, (Preschool, K - 1)

Down on the Farm!

Stories with farm animals, growing crops and life on the farm. Children will see that with cooperation, a huge, giant, enormous carrot can be pulled from the ground. A pesky rabbit is nibbling in the vegetable garden - how would YOU feel? Lively sounds abound as we meet a barnyard of animals is this program. (Preschool, K - Grade 1)

Fabulous Folk & Fairy Tale Fun

In her lively, engaging and warm style, Beverly will share many old-time, well-known tales. These stories contain elements of magic, suspense, drama, and inspiration. There are often wise lessons in these tales. Lots of smiles, fun and action. (Preschool, K - Grade 1)

Tasty Tales

These stories will tempt the children's taste buds. All these stories have one thing in common - FOOD! One story includes Aiken Drum covered with food! What would a caterpillar find to eat in a picnic basket? That Aunt Hilda ate the whole birthday cake -oh, goodness sake! These tales will keep listeners hungry for more stories. (Preschool, K - Grade 1)

Hooray for the USA!

This program touches on  many aspects of our wonderful country. Of course, Johnny Appleseed helped the settlers when our country was young. You will hear a Native American tale, African American tale, Mexican American Tale and let's not forget a little jazz. From sea to shining sea - there are many fun stories from the USA.(Preschool, K - Grade 1)

Puppet-telling on Parade

Storytelling + Puppets = Puppet-telling!  Beverly will bring out a parade of her different puppets friends to help her tell stories, sing songs, do some poems, creative movement and even help with a counting game. Be it lap puppets, a puppet in a watering can, Pinkenello Fluff  (the marionette), or any of her other  funny, friendly or zany puppets - a good time will be had by all. (Preschool, K - Grade1)

Delightful Dragons

Stories about the wonderful world of delightful to daring dragons. Dragon Sadie, the marionette, will come along to do the Dragon Pokey with the children. (Preschool, K - Grade 1)

Destination. . . Mexico!

Yes ... stories help us understand different cultures. Run, run as fast as you can - can YOU catch the Tortilla Man?  How strong IS that little red ant? Can the little bee get the goats to leave the garden?  Be it culture, food, animals or more - this high-spirited  program will touch on Mexican and other Hispanic lore.  A blend of old and new stories will take us on a lively trip. (Preschool, K - Grade 1)

All for Fall

This autumn program focuses on the symbols of fall: harvest, Johnny Appleseed, apples, pumpkins, scarecrows, falling leaves, animals getting ready for winter, football and more. Beverly will tell her original  prop story, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Football! (This program does not include any Halloween stories unless requested.) (Preschool, -K - Grade 1)

Halloween Hullabaloo!

Friendly ghosts, a silly witch, black cats, pumpkins, scarecrows, and more. Developmentally appropriate activities designed with the ages of your listeners in mind. A puppet play, That Silly Ghost on Maple Avenue, is included. (Preschool, K - Grade 1)

Spirit of the Season

This program includes holiday stories that celebrate the spirit of the season featuring Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza. Listeners discover different traditions, foods, folklore and some of the things that make December such a special time of year. This program is done in a nonreligious manner. (Preschool, K -Grade 1)

Winter Wonderland

Themes of snowmen, snow, sledding, animals in the winter, snowflakes and so much more. What happened to the cold lady that swallowed a snowflake? How did the bear get his stumpy tail on a winter's day? On a cold day, these stories will warm the heart of the listener. (Preschool, K - Grade 1)

Fingerplays, Frolics & Fun

(A Toddler and Two's Program)

This lively and fun program contains very simple pattern stories, finger stories done with three-dimensional props, puppets, singing, interactions, movement, rhythm and rhyme. These activities allow very small children to participate in their own way. They may do sound effects, movements or joining in a chant or refrain. This encourages them to listen closely. All of this is very satisfying to very young children.